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Powerhouse International SA's journey began in the early 1990s, when its founders Christian Huntington and Peter Brueckner came to believe that South Australia needed a boutique Logistics Management solution specialising in International Shipping. "We wanted to market a unique customer experience within the global shipping industry", says Christian, "and we wanted to avoid hauling clients through a manufactured process," he says, and that is truly what Powerhouse SA has accomplished.

There were challenging times in the 1990s and then came the advent of information technology. "That was the start of our growth. We adapted straight away and we've continued to adapt and develop our systems to meet our customer's needs. The owners have constantly reinvested in the company to allow it to grow organically".

Many of the clients which worked with Powerhouse during the early days of the '90s are still dealing with Powerhouse SA today. "It shows that Powerhouse is competitive and focused in its market' Christian states. "Our competence had to increase in matching with our business and we had to introduce experienced likeminded people for the task."

Powerhouse International is part of the HTFN (Hi Tech Forwarders Network). A worldwide network of independent, privately owned logistics companies covering over 200 offices in over 60 countries around the world. This network allows Powerhouse SA to offer a truly International Service and covers more area than most multinational organisations.

"We are an Australian Global Service provider in Logistics Management entirely focused on our staff, our clients and our systems."

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